CG crewmember found not guilty

And he didn’t get fired.

He got what we refer to as the “Big Chicken Dinner”, so how do you figure he wasn’t fired?

You’re right. I read “reduction to paygrade E-1” and somehow missed the part that said “Tucker was sentenced to a bad conduct discharge.”

Bad conduct discharge is getting discharge from the cg so isn’t that being fired after you serve your time ?

Yes. He will serve his sentence, then will be discharged.

so this was because he was trying to ‘‘save’’ his shipmate from going into the water? i could see restraining him for a few minits but if the guy wants to go swimming that bad … oh well, but having spent plenty of time up there i can’t imagine many people wanting to go into the water, but then I offered one of the NOAA scientists all the money in my wallet if he’d wade out to where the water was up to his neck … he won $80 as i recall.

My job was to keep people out of the water and maintain a decent schedule.

This sounds like Navy behavior. I always thought the Coasties were more civilized. Have I been living a delusion?