iCommandant Soliciting Questions for State of the Coast Guard Address

In preparation for Thad Allen’s third State of the Coast Guard speech that he will be delivering to Congress on Tuesday, March 3rd, the Commandant wants remind his web 2.0 followers of a new feature for this years address: a question and answer section.

In his web journal, iCommandant, Admiral Thad Allen encourages readers to submit questions that they would like to see addressed in, well, his address. Here is what he asks of his readers:[I]A new feature at this year’s address is a Question and Answer session. Those in attendance will be able to ask questions directly but I’d also like to hear from the field and our external stakeholders. Just post your question as a comment to this blog entry. I’m encouraging you to use this opportunity to ask about Coast Guard-wide issues.[/I]
We want to encourage gCaptain readers to submit question as well. You can do so as comments on iCommandant’s blog HERE, or just input your questions on this thread and we will be sure to forward them over.