A Conversation With Thad Allen, Commandant USCG - Part 2


Admiral Thad Allen, USCG

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with [b]Click HERE to read the full blog article.


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Thanks so much, I find this article extremely interesting and I think that other persons with a vested interest in our industry will enjoy it also…Steve.


[QUOTE=bloggervb;19777]Admiral Thad Allen, USCG

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with [B][Click HERE to read the full blog article.](http://www.uscg.mil/comdt/blog… [url=http://gcaptain.com/maritime/blog/conversation-thad-allen-commandant/)[/QUOTE]
Dear Sir,
I am very happy to see that the Coast Guard has taken a strong interest in ballast water, but at the same time it is quite sad that our military has found it necessary to implement control over private enterprise in order to protect American rights to clean water.
With the House of Representatives, the largest, elected, legislative voice of the people , already, overwhelmingly approving strong legislation (395-7), that the Senate did not want to enact, for fear, “of over ridding “states rights issues” any question of a difference of opinion in this country about what people want done in regards to ballast water should have been answered, the question should be, Will any new legislation, with any lower standards or goals, be fostering a compromise to those who wish to put states rights over a stronger bill, or delay a strong timeline, (capable of acting as a loophole for shipping), or those believing that exemptions should be allowed for vessels on our Fresh water Great Lakes (where human pathogens and virus could spread easier without any salt water and technology)? As new shipping routes are established in the Arctic, where diluted salinity and future mining and exploration rights in the Deep Sea Bed will release new microbes, a strong national policy enacted by our congress, (at least as strong as the one passed by the house), would set world precedent. Please let the Coast Guard know the American people have already commented on their wish through their elected officials. Those who understand this problem, for years have expressed their opinion and unfortunately the Coast Guard is allowing another chance for the minority to raise objections on an issue that the House of Representatives has already addressed. We do not need to delay change in the current policy of dilution being the solution to pollution.

          Don Mitchel