Clueless in Long Beach. I need advice. All I know is S.I.U. Career advice

So…I used to work on the vacation cruise lines in Hawaii. I had my MMD but let it expire and went through some training at Piney Point. I want to be a part of the maritime industry but all I know about is S.I.U. I would like to join the engineering department, then transfer that to an on shore position.

I’m not sure what steps to take other than apply to S.I.U and see what happens and what to go school. I mean should I look into MSC? What do these other abbreviations mean?

I don’t know my ass from my elbows here people. I just know I’m willing to work to the bone to have a better future and this seems to be the best way. ANY AND ALL ADVICE WILL BE CONSIDERED AND NOTED. I’m new here, help me out y’all.

Oh my God !

No wonder Southern California wages are so low.

The SEARCH FUNCTION here works really well and spares the regulars the onerous task of repeating themselves over and over again. I suggest you start there. Wealth of information on this forum. You might even find out what MSC stands for.

This should help you get started. PM me for more specifics.