Classes of ships

Hi All,

Could someone point out where I can find a list of definitions for the following classes of ships:

“Classes I, II, II(A), III, VII, VII(A), VII(T), VIII, VIII(T), VIII(A), VIII(A)(T), and IX and to ships of Class XI engaged on international voyages.” (MGN 71)

I assume there is an IMO document that summarises this, however I haven’t found it (or probably haven’t looked hard enough). Hopefully one of you chaps will be able to help me out.



Try this, it’s a UK MCA thing.


Thanks Steamer, perfect. Is this specific to the MCA or do other flag states have a similar system?


Man, that’s a tough one. Some of the passenger ship classes in the MCA document are EU regs and cover all the EU member states. I don’t work with many others except a few or the Red Ensign group and they follow the MCA nearly by cut-and-paste fashion.

Just off the top of my head, I don’t recall seeing much of anything outside the MCA and a few IMO documents concerning “Polar Class” vessels and some new wording of what defines a bulk carrier.

If you find something else, let me know. Are you working on some ISM drill planning stuff?