China & Russia to attack Hawaii?

thats your opinion to make a story up or just reiterating ccp speak.
Show us all where any country is trying to keep it down?

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Cuba is an interesting place, I have been there many times. It is a left over from the Cold War era between the US and the Soviet Union. They are at a cross road now. Raoul is not the leader his brother was and has not modernized the economy as he promised. People are getting impatient. They under no circumstances wish to return to the days of Bautista where the rich controlled the population but they also are weary of not being allowed to openly have their own businesses, though many do. Loosening of trade restrictions and travel restrictions by the USA would help them evolve into a regulated capitalist economic model. Lifting the embargo on agricultural equipment would be a big help, BUT the US sells a lot of agricultural commodities to them.


classic case of socialism works till you run out the other persons money.
The rest of the world can deal with Cuba I thought so they shouldnt be short of anything?

Wasnt Castro’s nickname ‘tomorrow’ as in that was when he was fixing everything?

Those in charge don’t want change as they wont be in charge so the classic socialist/communist lie, we are for the people but really for the party.

PS rich crooks running a country…mmmmm USA?
Is it just coincidence that the middle class in the USA has stood still almost as long as Cuba ( Since Castro )?

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Don’t know here you live but I’ll bet you get other people’s money in some shape or fashion. Pensions after all are other people’s money.

Hasn’t been a middle class in in Cuba for quite some time but the point is well taken.

Australians pensions are your own money…for most people. There is a gov pension for people with no assets or income but means tested.

As of 30 June 2018, Australians have AU$2.7 trillion in superannuation assets, making Australia the 4th largest holder of pension fund assets in the world.[4] As of 30 June 2019, the balance is AU$2.9 trillion.
The about figure was based on 15 million workers.
Gives you an idea on how poor a shape the rest of the world is out side of Norway.

Singapore too, its your own money but gov invested for 4% return.

How was life for the not rich in Cuba in the 50’s,
Was there a huge income span from the majority to the rich?
When you look at the country it stood still since Castro so how did it get to that point?

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Either Google it, or ask your buddy network.
They knows everything.

everyone is trading with it as fast as they can.
Foreign companies opening factories
2019 2nd largest recipient of FDI in the world.
Those facts make it look like the world is ganging up to improve the Chinese economy?

When the ccp gets called out on illegal and unfair trade they scream nuclear war and you are putting us down.

You are only regurgitating ccp propaganda, you are the only person that cant see that.

The headline in the Yahoo news is misleading and this thread title even more so.

Here’s another article on the same topic.

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hopefully when all the countries in the world have to fight off the CCP the Chinese people will also help so it should be a very short war.

You forgot to mention that CPF pays higher interest than the banks on savings account. Some years ago people withdrew their bank saving and put it into their CPF account. (Don’t know if that is still possible)

Both employees and employers make monthly CPF contributions:

Since I’m no longer a SPR I have no CPF account. (Withdrawn in full on cancelling PR status)

I get tired of dealing with that Troll expert.

And I got tired of arguing with a China expert that have never been in China. (or a Cuba expert without having been there either)
Rightwing opinion pieces are a dime a dozen and this is not a good day for them. (Read my post in “Greetings from Norway”)

27.5 years as pilot and still climbing up and down pilot ladders I respect, though.

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Its not about going to a country or even living there its all about the circle of people you deal with.
Doesnt matter if you are talking to a factory owner from those countries in their office in those countries or in your country, you get the real story.

The average HDB Singaporean has no clue about what really happens/how it works and believes what they read in the newspaper. ( nicknamed the daily propaganda)
A perfect example is they have no clue that wealthy people in Singapore neither contribute to CPF nor pay income tax perfectly legally.
Never bothered to wonder why wealthy people in Singapore never get involved in politics, DOH the law is a gift to the wealthy here.
For example…a local can have a foreign flagged yacht here permanently, so no tax there either.
Ignorance is bliss, just how the gov wants it.

I don’t know where in Singapore you live. but you obviously look down on “the average HDB dweller”, which is 85% of Singaporeans.
I guess that you live in a Condo and obviously move in an Expat bubble, with little understanding of the country you live in.

Heaven forbid that you should be contaminated with ideas that Asians can be as smart and capable as you and your buddies and that “the HDBs” are able to find news and info on the WWW, or travel to and work in foreign countries.

How can you stand living in a place populated by idiots and run by immoral politicians that don’t care one iota about anything but lining their own pockets.
Yet it has become one of the richest countries in the world, with a GDP per capita exceeding that of it’s former Colonial Masters by far, with one of the most efficient port, best airport and airlines in the world??

Oh I know; it is all because of expert help from the Expats that sits around the tables in the Marinas, telling each other how smart they are and how useless “the locals” are.

How do I know? Because I lived there for many years and have listened to some of the Expats that think they are “above the laws” in Singapore.
Thanks heaven they are not in majority among the Expat population and are getting fewer by natural selection.

you have made up a story I never said

Clearly you never knew about how Singapore works either hence your childish come back full of rubbish.

I guess that comes from the circle you lived in when in Singapore whatever that was?
No I dont live in a condo full of temp expats.
I do have almost 40 local relatives who are all the 85% so I know what they know.

How about you tell us all which group of Singapore Professionals also dont pay CPF, generally the 85% dont know?
Or the list of investment incomes that are not taxable that the 85% are probably not getting or even aware of?
How about you you tell us why the law allows nominee shareholdings for Singaporeans of Singaporean companies and then think who uses that nice loophole?

I am sorry to have burst your bubble that 40 years of your life you lived in bliss and didnt know how the country you lived in actually operates.

You now know why people call out your opinions on places but we are all happy for you to find shipping news and speak about your long career , me included.

You’d think after the defeat in Vietnam the US would not be talking of war with China.
Also, don’t China and Russia have enough radioactive nightmares, they need to add Polynesia to it too?
Isn’t it expensive?

South Vietnam was defeated (by the North), the US was not.

No the Condos are not full of Expats, but most Expats live in Condos.
The majority of Condo residents and owners are locals and most of the expats rent from them.

How can you look down on HDB dweller when your extended family are all among them?
When you visit them you may have noticed that the standard of newer HDB flats doesn’t leave much to the cheaper Condos and that quite a few Expats actually live in HDB flats these days.
You may also have noticed the number of expensive cars on HDB parking lots?
They don’t all belong to rich Expats that visit their mistress that the put up in rented HDB flats.

And what is your guess???
I was NOT part of the self-glorifying Expat circles, but couldn’t avoid meeting them from time to time. (Luckily they are in minority among foreigners living in Singapore)

No, not 40 years. I have called Singapore home since 1967. (Still do, although I’m not living there any more)

I’m not indulging in this conversation any further since you obviously don’t know much about Singapore, or make much sense.

All I can say is; if Singapore is as bad as you believe, get out when you still can, voluntarily…

Left wing opinion pieces are worth about 1 cent a dozen. The law of supply and demand. Our global media is so left bent, everything in the main stream is about what leftist think and want. Therefore, it’s all tripe to me.