Chief Limited Oceans going 2nd unlimited

Going for 2nd unlimited license, wanted to know what’s on motor 1 & 2
questions. More elaborate more on motor 1 & 2?:cool:

Try this for a start.

It’s been 30 years since I set for my 2nd. If the format is the same, be up on juice and aux steam.
Also, do it before they add any more rediculous requirements. Good luck!

What I remember is LOTS of pollution type questions, refrigeration, some electronics and blue prints.

All the pollution stuff was "CFR umptisquat says blah blah blah, what would you do if…?
It’s open book so I just looked 'em up.

I would advise the best use of study time is not to memorize CFR’s, but learn how to find what your looking for. It can get complicated.

Overall it wasn’t that hard of a test, remember…they give you the answer.