Chief Electrician on the T.S. Empire State 88 and 89

I was the Second Electrician (the Chief Elec. was an idiot) for the 88 SST and then Chief Electrician for the 89 SST. I really enjoyed my time working at SUNY. My name is Jim Garrett and prior to and after my time at SUNY I was a Chief Engineer on Sea Going Tug and Barge Units. I took this job as back in 88 I was on strike from Local 333 in NY Harbor. It would be great to hear from some of the cadets that were there at the time.

Just a bump. I really hope that one of the Cadets that knew me will read this, even if you did not like me. :slight_smile: Just to clarify, I am the guy that was a Chief Engineer on Tug Boats and was working on the T.S.E.S. during the Tug Boat Union (333) Strike in N.Y. Harbor.