Training Ship Masters

Does anyone know of a list or have in memory the past masters of the trainings ships at SUNY in more recent times?

I do not know who Rick Smith succeeded and earlier.

I don’t have a list but Joe Ahlstrom was the Master before Rick. Rick was master for quite a while.

It may have been DeSimone before Ahlstrom?

I remember Ahlstrom, he was teaching classes whenI was there. I was not sure if there was anyone else in between him and Rick Smith.

The book FOUR YEARS BEFORE THE MAST has the complete list of TSES Masters, Chief Mates and Chief Engineers in the back. I’ll take a look later when I get home.

I know in the 80’s and 90’s it was Jim DeSimone, then Rick Smith (Scott James and Joe Ahlstrom for a hot minute apiece) then Morgan McManus today.

(I did not name them in order, by the way… just saying names I remember since 1987)

The reason I am asking is that I lined up some side work. The employer (not the guy) said the captain was an unlimited master and worked on the Empire State.

Just checking to see if he was before my time. I look forward to challenging him when we meet.

Its possible he was one of the many guys that sailed for training, or had the ship during a fema deployment.

Could it be the Crowley Empire State?

Charlie Brown filled in there but he just got airlifted off a ship a few months ago so I doubt it’s him. And I don’t know who else it would be before Ahlstrom - they all gotta be dead by now.

The two activations may be it…but one of them was Katrina so that’s certainly irrelevant.

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Could be he’s a master, and had also worked as a mate/instructor on a SST.

The guy said training ship in his sentence. Don’t worry I’ll be all over it on Wed. In all fairness this guy has not said anything to me, yet. This representation was from the employer.

I’ve been told all kinds of stuff by mariners over the years.

My two favorites were my mate telling me he was a former Coast Guard officer. Not realizing that I was prior service Coast Guard. Turns out he was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, not the same.

Another guy was going around saying he was a 9/11 FDNY firefighter. Not realizing I am the real deal. Turns out he was in the Fire Patrol, again not the same. Coincidentally he left the company right after I made him.

I cannot even remember all of the license fakers I’ve come across.


Haha I’ll be curious to know the truth!

I worked with a guy who claimed his father was a 3 star admiral, he got booted from the “academy” (he meant KP), and that he was a Navy Seal. Even wore a shirt around with the Trident on it.

Until we had a Navy security team ride along, and one of the guys was some kind of special forces. He told this dude to take the shirt off or if he saw him in it again he’d remove it for him.

Oh and the “academy” was Piney Point.


Hahaha. . . yeah, I sailed with a few from the Point, too. . . .

Doesn’t matter for this thread anymore - but in early 80’s was Capt Previll - lovely man - believe a one time Captain or at least senior officer on the United States. Had a Navy Captain after him 84-85 ish - don’t remember his name

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Beat me to it. My copy is on my desk and I was about to take a pic of the same page.

thanks - Capt Gooden was the one I didn’t remember