CG Subchapter K captain wanted

Boats & Harbors classifieds has a help wanted ad for CG Subchapter K captain based in Miami, minimum 500T license for 600 pax boat.

Guessing it’s for this place:

Owner needed a mate to take her down there from NOLA a month or two back.

Content is password protected.

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So – they’ve got plenty of table setups but no radar. Sounds like a fun job.

Who needs radar. Prolly never leave the ICW. Wear the stripes like you mean it, don’t get mustard stains on your white shirt and smile for the milfs who think you might be a good catch. There are worse fates.although it’s hard to think of any… :wink:

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This is the vessel. Can’t see much, but more interesting than the usual dinner boat.

Vessel Name: GRAND LUXE
Primary Vessel Number: 1195668 (Official Number (U.S.))
Hull Identification Number: N/A
Manufacturer Hull Number: S-148
IMO Number: N/A
Vessel Call Sign: WDD6093 Service: Passenger (Inspected)
Length: 196.70 ft
Breadth: 46.00 ft
Depth: 13.50 ft
Build Year: 2007
Alternate VINs: N/A

Service Information: Tonnage Information:

Service Status: Active
Out Of Service Date: N/A
Last Removed From Service By: N/A Cargo Authority: N/A

  • 2714 - Convention (Subpart B), Gross Ton
  • 85 - Regulatory (Subpart C or D), Gross Ton
  • 814 - Convention (Subpart B), Net Ton
  • 58 - Regulatory (Subpart C or D), Net Ton
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Looks like a high end french whorehouse.


I don’t think this one is even meant to leave the dock, much less the ICW.

Was marked for a bow thruster. Maybe to swap sides at the dock? Or just riverboat chic?

I worked part-time as a relief captain on a large dinner cruise vessel on the east coast 1990-1992. They wanted you to look like the captain of the Loveboat, but paid you like the captain of the Minnow.


After my brief stint on yachts and a casino cruise ship, this popped into my head from my experiences. :joy:


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This if from the Miami boats Instagram. Nice uniforms for sure.

Oh sweet Jesus… definitely don’t want that gig. Chokers… in Miami?!?! :rofl::rofl:

Wait… that’s the Chief Engineer (props on the shoulder boards) in the choker whites too!!! :rofl:

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Is the aiguillette so he can hang himself in the engine room?


Don’t worry here is the Captain living his best life !

We called them “loafer loops”, and they were worn by all the “horse holders”.

it has radar, google images

I was talking about this one:

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