CG Subchapter K captain wanted

what the H is that? it’s so amazingly ugly

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It’s the one first mentioned in this thread. Feast your eyes:

Well it looks like that riverboat looking thingy is the one that had the job opening for sub chapter K captain. But that are no longer accepting applications? Damn, someone beat us to it. Here is the full want add. They want a military guy with 5 years command experience and a Masters degree? I guess when your boat is that pretty you can afford to be choosy.

Large vessel seeks an experienced, highly personally disciplined USCG licensed captain for ship operation, crew supervision, supervision of vessel maintenance, and maintenance of required USCG logs and records.
Captain must have completely clean marine and personal background. We prefer applicants with experience with USCG Subchapter “K” vessels. PVA experience is an asset. 700 passengers. Primary operation is in Biscayne Bay with occasional trips to other ports.
Company’s clients are principally Fortune 500 companies and affluent individuals. Vessel and crew must reflect first class appeared at all times. This is a 5 day per week full time position. May be live aboard or shore side. Supervises Mate/Engineer and 3-5 marine crew.

  • Must have 5+ years’ experience of large boat operation preferably over 200’. Small passenger ship, casino ship, and similar vessels are excellent background.
  • Minimum USCG 500T license or 1600T Master’s license required.
  • Requires 5 years minimum command experience.
  • USCG, marine academy and/or military experience is an asset.
  • Command of USCG “K” or “H” vessel is especially desirable.

Required excellent organizational skills, crew management skills, vessel maintenance skills as well as vessel operational and ship handling skills.
Excellent growth opportunity. Future ships are under consideration. This is a desirable position for an individual who prefers to live in the Miami/South Florida area and maintain a normal non-traveling marine lifestyle.
Looking forward to receiving your resume!

  • Experience**:
  • Organizational Skills: 1 year (preferred)
  • Military: 1 year (preferred)
  • command: 5 years (preferred)
  • Crew Management: 1 year (preferred)
  • Education**:
  • Master’s (preferred)

Seniority Level

Mid-Senior level


  • Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Management
  • Manufacturing

The sad part is I expect they’re still paying rather low because of the “home every night” aspect.

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Don’t you mean, quoting the advertisement here;

“a normal non-traveling marine lifestyle.”

Isn’t the “marine lifestyle” suited for those who don’t mind traveling?

And I take offense at being considered abnormal for my love of a traveling marine lifestyle :grimacing:

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Yeah, probably figured they could get someone looking to make a transition to family life for a bargain rate. Sad that mariners are just a warm body to fill a requirement in the eyes of most owners. :confused:

This boat was built as a floating Art / Jewelry Gallery and event sight. I believe it has spuds for when they are along side the dock to prevent rocking. The mooring lines seem small.
Also there are few port lights in the main lounge areas. They prefer artificial lighting to protect the art work…

I worked in the area and rarely saw it leave. Some days it was gone, a few days later it would be back. Never saw it underway. During Art Basel it had parties every night…

All that violent rocking while moored to a dock can be so annoying. Stupid boats…:weary: