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I’m sailing on an “Industrial Vessel” and was just told that even though we stand 12 & 12 we don’t get day and a half for day. My eyes are glazing over digging through the CFR’s for an appropriate reference. As always, any assistance appreciated!

what does your COI have for manning? if yours is a three watch vessel then only 8 hours are allowed

only 2 watch vessels will get you day and a half

1 Master, 3 Lic. Mate/OICNW

[QUOTE=mtskier;71208]1 Master, 3 Lic. Mate/OICNW[/QUOTE]

you get day for day

it’s because your subchapter I cargo & miscellaneous industrial vessel over 1000grt has three watch manning as per US Coast Guard Marine Inspection Manual Vol. III Chapters 20 to 22

specifically Chapter 22-C.3

Working Conditions And Watch Requirements. 46 U.S.C. 8104 has a number of subsections concerning working conditions and watchrequirements that may result in a higher number of mates being assigned than might otherwise be required by 46 U.S.C. 8301.

d. Section 8104(d) provides that the licensed individuals and certain unlicensed crew positions on seagoing and Great Lakes vessels of more than 100 gross tons must be [I][U][B]divided into at least three watches[/B][/U][/I]. Therefore, unless the master also stands watch, at least three mates would be required on such vessels. Section 8104(g) modifies this requirement in that it allows a 2-watch system for the licensed individuals and certain crewmembers on seagoing towing vessels, OSVs, and barges engaged on voyages of less than 600 nautical miles.

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btw, which vessel? SURF CHALLENGER?


Damn, thought the two watch structure would carry the day!

[QUOTE=mtskier;71210]Damn, thought the two watch structure would carry the day![/QUOTE]

It carries the day to get you a paycheck. As long as they have those people onboard you are legal… If not, you are violating the nlaw and required to report it. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. where not only are you guilty of an offense if you commit it, you are guilty of another for not reporting it. And no you can’t use the 4th or 2nd amendment (One of those annoying encumbrances the Justice Department ignores when they want to approve torture or warrantless searches…) about self incrimination, you took the oath for your license and gave away some rights. CONGRATULATIONS!

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Same oddities here Dave. 4 on / 4 on /4 on / 12 off, do not equal 12 on / 12 off. Go figure…

Typo? U meant 4 on, 4 off, 4 on, 12 off? That’s only 8 hours in a day!

It’s sort of an inside joke but I definitely meant 4 ON, 4 ON, 4 ON, 12 Off. See, it would be 4 On, 4 Off, 4 On, 12 Off, unless one is required to work that middle “4 off”, thus making it 4 On, 4 On, 4 On. Make sense? It doesn’t to me either but hey, what do I know? I’m kinda Slow.