CEO and CFO of Intermarine USA - ExIm Financing and Operations overview (Interview)

This past fall, gCaptain interviewed Intermarine’s CEO Andre Grikitis and CFO Michael Dumas.
Here’s a brief snippet of part 1 of this 4 part series:

[B]What is sparking some of the growth such as the Ex-Im Bank financing. What are the key factors that are driving the requirements for the services you’re offering?[/B]
[B]AG[/B]: On a macro basis, there are a few things. Keep in mind that the Ex-Im are cargoes only emanating out of the US. Clearly multi-nationals today operate a lot differently than they did. Where previously, a particular supplier of cargo would be quoting a cargo out of one area, today, the multi-nationals may quote that product out of 3 separate locations. You may be quoting a cargo into someplace in Brazil, and it may be produced in Europe, the US, India, or China.

So, the complexity of our business has clearly expanded over time, and there are a number of factors that influence that…

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