What about Tidewater?

How come I never hear Tidewater mentioned? Aren’t they the largest vessel operator in the Gulf? How does one go about getting hired at Tidewater? What are they like to work for?

It’s not the largest in the gulf it worldwide, but as far as the gulf they are pretty limited in vessels in the gulf now. They have a large presence in brazil and Africa. But they like to reflag the boats foreign and use foreign crews.

If there is a way to erase this post you should start there? You don’t want any part of turdwater! They are the largest osv company in other places of the world but not domestically. They have two newer boats in the GOM one about 10 years old the other about 8 or so. The rest of the fleet are 20+ years old. Just about all of them stretched 180’s. I spun my wheels there for 11 years before I got out. Steer clear my friend or your career will wind up life or death on a lee shore.

Doesnt that seem strange? Largest company (vessel wise) out there, and not many comments? There should a reason huh? I think Fraqrat explained it best.