Centerline fatality

Anyone know more than man fell off barge in the kill van kill?

Dont quote me. Tug mate, taking the trash off with the deckhand, slipped and fell between the barges. Didnt end well, deckhand got to witness it from start to finish.

That’s exactly what I heard. I was told the tug is the William Fallon Jr.

I also heard that the Captain broke his shoulder responding to the incident.

My one buddy at Centerline says they have not released the name yet. ABC news reported that he was 53 years old.

Some details have been passed on to me.

Mates name was Paul Christian

He and the deckhand were removing trash from the tug. Centerline’s yard at Duraport (formerly Rollins) usually has two to four oil barges moored together, which you have to cross to get ashore. Apparently he slipped and fell between two of the barges.

It has been reported that he got crushed.

The CEO Matt Godden sent out an email internally. Doesn’t express much of any sympathy or regret for this man’s poor family, or the coworkers that will no doubt be forever traumatized. Typical corporate cold hearted POS attitude. Just trying to make some CYA comments and hold a safety meeting. What a fucking asshole.

I hope the family takes civil action. Walking across barges instead of deploying gangways at this company was daily common practice for everyone - managers and safety personnel included. There was never a problem with it - this is the culture there. Let’s see how they try to hide that now.

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Thats terrible to hear.

Check out the go fund me page. Help this poor man’s family if you can.



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