Cargo ship disappears

Just saw this articleon about a lumber ship that has “disappeared” - sailed through the English Channel, was seen in the Bay of Biscay, and was supposed to arrive on August 4, but hasn’t been heard of since July 28. Plus, they were supposedly attacked off Sweden??? Interesting reading.

And now that I read the blog page, I see that John has beat me to it!

In one of the articles a source claims that this must be from a dispute between one of the companies and a third party. Maybe it was better off for the ship to disappear for insurance purposes? Maybe Marko Ramius and the Red October boarded her to defect to… Portugal?

Watch this becomes a horrible movie someday…

Maybe it’s a a new plot for a Clive Cussler book! What was REALLY under all that Finnish lumber? Or was there a fight between Russian mafia and Algerian separatist/terrorists? Swedish environuts take over! The Knights Templar arise again (Maltese registry). The ship repainted and reregistered reappears where the LOST island disappeared. What other crazy plots can we imagine??:smiley:

I just read that the ship has been found near Cape Verde, no details yet on the who-what-how of the situation.

New article - apparently random has been demanded.

[QUOTE=New3M;16894]New article - apparently random has been demanded.[/QUOTE]

what is RANDOM??? and how do you demand it???:D:D

ok ok ransom geez :o

The “found” was premature, Somebody in Cape Verde picked up the ARTIC SEA’s AIS ping for about an hour, if it was even the real ARTIC SEA, or another ARTIC SEA.

I have seen a large tugboat turned yacht by that name in european waters, so who knows what to make of that report.

it might’ve been arctic sea, or artic sea, or arctic c. who knows. ais is definitely not 100%, or maybe someone hacked into the AIS so the arctic sea could slip somewhere unnoticed.
It definitely is the Knight Templars, they have come from the underground to fight the Berber pirates, only they don’t realize they’re in Somalia now. For the Knights, this is just to procure a flagship from which to use lumber to make a medieval galley.
I’m sure theres a very boring reason why all this is going on, sadly.

perhaps the owners paid off the crew and had the vessel “retired”…all at the expense of Lloyds of London??

Found according to CNN