Piracy in European Waters?

With piracy along the horn of Africa creating such a … Click HERE to read the full blog article.

The story around Arctic Sea is very strange!

The so called “raiders” were all wearing standard uniform, without insignia. They were all armed with automatic weapons and introduced themselves as “police”. Let’s not forget that this all is happening in Swedish territorial waters!
So after they boarded the vessel they locked the crew in one room, interrogated them and performed a thorough search of the vessel. Didn’t find anything and left.
So now start the strange things, all this gets out as a sms from one of the crew members. Swedish authorities claim they have nothing to do with the raiders and call them bandits.
The owner decides not to do anything and the vessel proceeds on route. And she disappears after the English Channel.
Panic was raised only 4 days after the vessel didn’t arrive at destination port, by the crew relatives! The owner released an official statement only a week after. All the official statements are: a search is going to be underway. But to date (a week after vessel disappeared) now real search has yet begun or planned! Nobody is doing anything! The only one asking questions is Stora Enso the cargo owner! The owner of the vessel is not doing anything, and the relatives of the crew are also quiet now.
So what is really happening?! Did the “raiders” leave the vessel at all? Or did they found what they were looking for and stay on board?
Why after an unprecedented attack by armed men and disappearance of a vessel nothing except press statements is really being done?!
To me it looks like the “raiders” were exactly who they claimed to be – people working for the government. And seen as the vessel is gone, it’s safe to assume they found what they were looking for.
Let’s hope that the crew survives this ordeal unharmed.