C-Endeavour Hostages

Anyone know the status of the hostages taken in the pirate attack against the ECO vessel C-Endeavour?

first I’ve heard of it. when/where did they get attacked?

They are definitely keeping this quiet. Read the post on gCaptain Saturday morning, with the same info posted all over the internet, but no updates. Would really like to know that everyone is ok!!

Yea there has been zero updates. All I know is kidnapping is out of character for these pirates. Recent attacks have been focused on stealing cargo, not hostages, and quick turn around. Maybe something went wrong and pirates were forced to grab what they could ie hostages and go. Who knows…

Anyone heard anything from ECO? I’m sure there’s some talk going around somewhere.

I’m amazed by the lack of discussion regarding the situation on the C-Endeavor and the status of those captured. There have been no updates from any news affiliate that I’ve come across. Does ANYONE have ANY information? Pleas update us all!

Read they were foreigners. Probably why we haven’t heard a thing.

Yes, the article says they were locals, but still it would be nice to know the fate of these people since.

its best to keep it on the downlow !!! especially when it comes to the media … im sure there is some private negotiating going on !!! better that way , because we all know that our government does not negotiate with terrorist,s !!! more times than not , we find out about hostage releases without ever even knowing about them in the first place … just how it work’s … god bless those guy’s …they should be home soon !!!

The companies involved have protocols for these situations. This is not that uncommon for the region. They keep things quiet, negotiate and get back to business. I was part of a crew where it happened twice within a 6 month period. Contractors, 1st time Dutch, 2nd time American, were taken and gotten back a few days later. Supervisors told us very little, told us to keep mum and restricted all V-Sat coms during the first few days. I’ve talked with several people who know or have been involved in similar incidents.

The article from above said “foreigners”, which I think meant foreign to Nigeria. They can get a higher ransom for non-locals.
Hopefully things are already resolved.

Is this a US flagged boat?

They are definitely keeping this quiet.

[QUOTE=FulghumEmanuel;58314]They are definitely keeping this quiet.



These guys have been released. Two were Americans. Anyone have any more info?


That’s good news