Piracy incident offshore Angola?

Hey folks, there’s a big question mark over the current status of the MT Kerala offshore Luanda today. The owner says it lost comms with the ship.

Anyone have any details? Or seen the ship in the past few days?

Heard about the suspicious TUG two weeks ago, since then nothing I’m sorry to say…

Someone posted the question, “What if the pirates painted over the name of the ship” when referring to the missing MT Kerala.

Here’s a solution:

If you have a FLIR device on your vessel, and you come across a ship that looks like the Kerala, but doesn’t say Kerala on the side of the vessel, look at it with your FLIR system and double check the name. The difference in steel thickness where the name is should be plainly obvious due to the temperature differences and it will tell you the real name of the vessel.


Understand the MT Kerala has been found in Nigeria…