Captain Ron's Boat IS For Sale!

The boat from

Captain Ron - The Movie is for sale! If only I had a spare 150k :wink:

From a boater’s forum:

the forsale one is fulll of rot and the owners want 3 times its resultant value as a selling price. is being rented out in a friends marina in kemah…
2 formosa 51s WERE USED FOR THE MOVIE AND ONLY ONE HAD GREEN MASTS. that is the one forsale.

The boat:
51’ Formosa Cutter Rigged Ketch

That would explain why it’s been on the market for so long…I spotted it a few years ago in Central America and it was forsale then …

Hi ‚Ķthis is the latest update concering S/V Wanderer‚ĶShe has a contract by Ms.Lady Katie and Captain Ronald (Ron) Nevills‚ĶYes to all of you professional surveys that has never placed one foot on her deck‚ĶAnd to the eye witness that has seen S/V Wanderer in places that she has never been‚ĶShe has been placed in very capable hands‚ĶShe is slated to be placed in rehab this late fall‚ĶOr early winter‚ĶShe will be in care of captain Ron Nevills, and her long time first mate Donnie‚ĶDonnie has more time on S/V Wanderer than anyone in her history‚ĶCaptain Ron has more than 40 years as a prominate ‚Äúshipwright‚ÄĚ ‚ĶCaptain Ron has been building boats since age 10 ‚ĶAnd has a history that most would love to have on there team‚ĶHe was even awarded United States Army Corps of Engineers contracts to work on many of our nations lighthouses‚Ķcaptain Ron who has cruised from Seattle‚Äôs Shilshole bay, to Glacer Bay ,and Skagway Alaska‚ĶTo Green Turtle Key Bahamas‚ĶF/Mate Donnie has been involved in several total refits of Formosa‚Äôs‚ĶNow after many months of visiting and even spending several nights on board Wanderer‚ĶAnd many days of surveying her from stem to stern‚ĶWe have absolutly no idea of all of this ‚Äėrot‚Äô that you have mentioned‚ĶYes her hull was painted green in 1991‚ĶAnd after 20 years, and surviving hurricane IKE in September 2008‚ĶI agree she needs a new paint job‚ĶThe previous owners has already installed new teak decks‚ĶThey do need some chalking, in some places‚ĶThe interior sole plates do need to be refinished‚ĶAnd the 35 year old 120 HP. Ford diesel will be replaced with a new John Deere model 6068TFM75 as per Grant of Progressive Diesel of Pearland Texas‚ĶA complete new set of sails, including a new roller furling will be on order‚ĶShe will have installed for the first time‚ĶA generator‚Ķsuplied by Beta Marine‚ĶBased on a Kubota Marinized diesel engine‚ĶCaptain Ron is a expert on Kubota‚Äôs‚ĶAnd with the advice of Stanly the cheif engineer of Beta Marine ‚ĶI am sure the job will be done right‚ĶS/V Wanderer will be fitted with a new hydrolic bow thruster‚ĶAnd complete new electronics‚ĶNow we are having a web site buit so those who would like to keep up with Wanderer‚Äôs progress can‚ĶKatie