Capt Joe's software able to load on new computer without cd-rom?

I have tried to contact Captain Joe’s about how to load the software on a new computer without a cd-rom. Very few computers have cd-rom today and I have not heard back from them.

Are they still around?

One option load the cd on to an old computer and load the software to an external hard drive?

You can buy an outboard CD/DVD drive quite cheaply. Macs have the ability to “borrow” the cd drive from another machine when you hook them together. Don’t know about PCs in that vane.

Simply loading an app on a drive and then transferring it to a computer can create problems. During the install the app loads stuff into various parts of the OS. Depending on the app that can be vital or irrelevant.

I thought external cd/dvd units were pretty cheap. It just plugs in the usb of the new computer.

I have Capt Joe’s on a thumb drive.