Problems with Capt Joe's deck license software

Anyone else having problems with some features of Capt Joe’s software?

On both my computers (netbook running XP and desktop PC running Vista), some of the tutorials don’t work. On the netbook, the error message is “File not found or is corrupt”. On the desktop PC, the error is “To view you need Word or Powerpoint. Please install”.

But both MS Word 2003 and Powerpoint Viewer are already installed on these computers.

Not just the tutorials, but also “Prepping for Exam” also gives me the same errors on both computers.

Thanks -

Had a minor problem with one question, and I contacted Capt Joe by email. He corrected the problem and sent me a new CD at no charge.

Send him an email. He is very responsive.

I’m using the program right now to knock off my oceans endorsement.

Problem no more!

Capt Joe was overseas, and he called me (from the airport!)
soon as he returned to the states.

Problem was that the file association for .pps files
needed to be set to open Powerpoint Viewer automatically.

I recommend this software. Thanks to Joe
for his diligence and attention.