Capt. Huber

Is Capt. Huber still teaching at Schuyler? He wrote the book on oil transfers. And how to help stop them, also how congress did not listen to him on the transfer of how to build future ships. If he is, and any cadets read this, ask him what he thinks on this current situation.

He’s been at Kings Point for at least ten years.

His new book on Tanker ops should be available(if not already, then soon), I took his class at KP for PIC, great teacher.

He contacted gCaptain last month looking for specific photos of tanker incidents for the new version of his book. He is doing well and still at KP.

In that case could we expect an announcement here when his new book is available?

Is there an address you can provide for Capt Huber? I have a ton of photos from the Bouchard 125 explosion that have been in circulation as well as video of the event that he may find useful.