Cadet Area

We have launched a new area that is for Cadets Only. No other mariners, teachers, school administrators will be approved for this area of the forum in the hopes of giving cadets a place they can talk freely about their concerns and share stories about the life of a cadet.

I have already approved the cadets we know to be gCaptain participants. If you are a cadet and do not have access to this area of the site then please PM me or reply to this post.

Great idea!

I’m just finishing up the PMI 2 year program and have been sailing as a cadet - do we count too?
Dave Russell
Whitefish, MT

sure thing! You now have access.

There is another group of people that are technically cadets/student observers. The 11 month program has them training, going out to sea for three months (Sea Project) returning for training etc eventually becoming AB/RFPNW 's or FOWT/RFPEW’s.
The Apprentice Program formally the trainee program has been around since the 70’s and has given many a mariner his or her start at the school in Piney Point.
Although hawspipers these students are receiving credit toward a nautical science or marine engineering undergraduate degree I think they fit into your forum.
I would suggest that maybe their perspective and adventures may surprise the readers of the cadet forum.
Thank You click Paul Hall for info on the program

Texas Maritime Academy cadet, currently not in school right now, possibly going to SUNY in the fall or spring of next year.