So I have been watching this forum since October 2008. I know their are a few CMA cadets on here. Just wondering who else is on here.

My info:
Jacob Ellestad
Freshman MT

And all other cadets. Share your news, Projects at your school, Cruise News.
Academy rumors the like. This forum has been a great source for me. With the new forum I would like to bring the cadets together.

Ahhh academy rumors. I loved keeping up with them freshman year. Take my advice, don’t waste your time. Even the rumors that are confirmed often don’t happen. Anyways, sorry, I prefer to keep the illusion on anonymity so that I can talk all the smack I want!

I amr eally new to this , i attend a maritime academy in the Caribbean, i want help finding sea time, i have completed 5 months already, but require the full 12 for qualification to possess the License, please help me, as where i am from sea time is like a dime a dozen!!!

Can you clarify pleaes what type of help you’re seeking? I can’t, for some reason, make sense of your post.

i am talking about cadet-shi/apprenticeship on board ship’s or even sea time as an AB/OS…PLEASE ASSIST ME…HOW CAN I GET THOSE?:confused: