Ex Navy CMAers out there?

Gents, Just curious to see if there are any current CMA students that are Ex-Navy. Anyone have classmates that are? I remember someone on here saying they did a cadet cruise with the USNS Guadalupe, we did an unrep with them once if I’m not mistaken. If everything works out I will be at CMA next fall, but if the Navy Decided to keep me until October I might have to wait a semester or two. How are you guys liking CMA?

There are quite a few ex-navy guys at CMA. CMA is a great place, as long as you can put up with the politics and the bs that comes along with it. Being a vet, I’m sure you will do just fine. Usually the only people that have a real problem there are the ones that come straight out of high school, and have never been away from mom and dad before.
Did the navy let you out? Are you coming this fall? I just spent my summer working on the USS Mount Whitney. What a great combination of navy and CIVMARS.