Can You Travel to Cuba if you have a security clearance?

im currently a marine and im in the process of getting my security clearance i need it because my mos is communications im also cuban and i had to renounce my cuban citizenship and turn in my cuban passport but cuba doesnt recognize this and as a result i can get a new cuban passport whenever i need one im in need of traveling to cuba because i have a very sick relative there and i want to know if im allowed to travel there and if i am how would i go about doing this if i need approval from my command or how would that work?

Someone here might know the answer but this is definitely not the forum for that question.

could you be so kind as to direct me to a forum that might be able to have an answer for my question plz?

I an sure there are forums for military personnel out there. gCaptain is populated by civilian mariners. Some are ex military but a forum for military would better serve your purposes.

The last time I went on a foreign flagged ship and the US said you can legally go to Cuba as a US citizen, as I did, but the US government says you cannot spend money there, go figure. Most USA visitors go thru the Bahamas or Mexico. The Cuban authorities will not stamp your passport but give you a little piece of paper that says you are a visitor. It is a shame really as everyone else in the world can go to Cuba. I found the Cuban people to be fun, well educated people to be around though they are very poor. Your security clearance would probably not be something you would want to mention, just go as a private citizen as it is much less complicated. Hopefully some day soon the USA will wake up and allow their citizens to travel there freely. The US citizen is the best representative of a free people that I know of.

You should ask someone in your command. Maybe the chaplin or a PAO type could help you out.

I assume that when you filled out your paperwork that you did put down Cuba as travel destination and also why. If your still in the process hopefully you informed somebody mainly the person in charge of your paperwork about you going to Cuba. Once your cleared you will have to fill out approval to travel paperwork, basically it’s just a when,why,where,who questions.

I’m SURE yer Gunny can find the answer and if you don’t want to ask him go to the Command Sergeant Major. HIS first question will be: “Did you ask yer Gunny?”

Retired NAVY Chief

I second the option of asking for help from the Chaplin. This will be treated in confidence and will (should) not upset any protocol.The Chaplin should be able to find out everything you need to be able to go without using your name. Then when it is sorted you can go ahead and make the appropriate requests.

Good Luck! I love Cuba and want to go back.

Your career depends upon open, honest, truthful communication with the “system”. Get OFF this forum and ask the organization that you are employed by (that you desire to REMAIN employed by!) For the true answers to your question.

If they have hard and fast rules of no travel to obtain and keep a security clearance you have to really think about this. But answers from this forum aren’t something to base a good ‘safe’ arguable decision from.

Good Luck! I love Cuba and want to go back

You need to see your Command Security Manager. If he doesn’t have the answer, he should know where to find it.

Whenever you complete a security clearance application (such as the SF-86), you must list all travel outside of the United States within a certain time period (usually 7-10 years). Therefore, you will eventually have to list the travel to Cuba if you maintain a security clearance and go through a standard “reinvestigation” every 5 or 10 years. Also, travel to certain countries, such as Cuba, naturally raise more questions than travel to Germany. In fact, depending on your level of clearance, foreign travel must be pre-approved in certain circumstances by your security office.

Make sure that you are completely honest with your security officer. You definitely run the risk of having your clearance denied (or revoked) if you try to hide such travel.

Try calling your senator