Costa rica to Florida

I may be relocating a 72 foot yacht from Costa Rica to the Florida pan handle . I have only transited the Panama Canal when someone else has made the arrangements. Does anybody have any tips they can share for either the Canal or passing by Cuba. Has anybody made a similar trip that may be interested in going.

You really do need to hire an agent for the canal. Don’t really think there’s a big issue passing Cuba, at least when I’ve done it on tugs—just stay well offshore.

check out marinas and waypoints section. my old capt wrote a very good guide to who is who down there. you want to use peter,i forgot his last name, like we did afew times…you certainly need some agent…

Sounds like an interesting delivery, and you have piqued my interest. Unfortunately projects at home and family obligations would get in the way.

I passed by the W end of Cuba some years ago on a trip from the Cayman Islands to FL. No problems with Cuba, although at USCG cutter stopped and boarded us. The boarding was uneventful. And the trip through the Old Bahama Channel is very close to Cuba, and parts of the coast are visible. That place is busy route, again with no problems.

Did pass through the Panama Canal while working for my passage on a Finnish freighter, but I had nothing to do with managing the trip. I do remember that the agent would have charged me $5,000 to handle getting me off the boat there, but that was over 40 years ago. I ended up staying on until PR, where it was much easier to fly back to the States.

What port will you be leaving Costa Rica. Great country, very friendly people.

Pete Stevens, Delfino Maritime, Ships agent.
Cuba is not an issue passing by.

I haven’t done it yet, but sure would love to. Keep us updated on the trip if you go, unless you want me to go with you! :wink:

That’s a great link, thanks