Can all my great friends here on g captain read this

Im calling on you guys for help, I dont know how big you guys are on prayers, but im asking for you guys who are, to pray for good news for me tomorrow, but also I really want to thank all you guys out there who has extended a helping hand to me, thanks to dennis for being a major blessing to me, and to the whole g captain crew for all the laughs, hope for great news thank you guys

What’s happening tomorrow?

Good luck dude! I hope you get good news!

Lol hopefully ill have a job

My prayers are with you brother. After all this time I do pary it works out.

I am there too with you brother…may God be with you tomorrow and everyday!

Thanks cap

Good luck Crawdaddy

Keep the faith brother.

You’re in my prayers tonight brother. God Bless. May you be comforted and at peace tonight.

Crawdaddy, I’m praying man.

I know that God has a plan for you and each and every one of us. He knows best, and I pray tomorrow is the day you receive the news WE ALL have be waiting for. That you are offered a job.

When you first came on here you’ve always had a positive attitude, and I know things will work out for you. Don’t give up the faith sir. Never lose faith.

Thank you so much, swamp fox, and the rest of you guys,

Prayers sent buddy.

I hope you get great news tomorrow!

Prayers for your prosperity!!

Come on man, fill us in!

Still waiting

Ok man, well I’m still praying then!

Praying for you Crawdaddy. You come across as a good guy.

Thank you so much

God bless!!