BT Revalidation No Longer Accepted?

Our training coordinator just informed me that BT Revalidation is no longer accepted for a license renewal?

I have more than 360 days in 5 years and meet all the other checklist requirements.

They want me to book a full 5 day class… this can’t be right, right?

I don’t see any NVIC or checklist changes?

The policy is still valid. This sounds like a problem with the school. I suggest contacting the school, asking them why, and for a copy of the letter or other document/communication from the Coast Guard about this.


Lol why would the guy ask if this is for a license? Why would anybody be taking this class for some other reason?

Time to find a better school.

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That school mostly does oil field related classes like rigging and huet. It’s a good facility. Maybe they have an issue with their course being up to snuff with the uscg.

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Sounds like a money thing if you ask me. I’ve dealt with the same entity over requiring mariners under their purview to schedule STCW revalidation courses based on certificate dates, not the MMC endorsement date which is the correct one, but less revenue generating in many circumstances.

I’d never heard of that school but it turns out they have locations all over the world including 3 in the US.

RelyOn Nutec’s course approvals are pages 698-712 on the attached file. All of their approved courses are at the Texas facility, nothing showing for the Lafayette or Houma facilities. So yeah, time to look for another school.

courses.pdf (4.9 MB)

Check with Delgado in NO. That’s where I did all my revalidation courses.

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Definitely double check your classes through the NMC and make sure they’re actually USCG approved.

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It pays to shop around for STCW renewal courses.

I’ve taken classes just about everywhere, but MPT usually ends up being easiest to schedule with classes almost every week. It’s average cost, but Fort Lauderdale has a lot of bargain priced flights, no need for a rental car, and reasonable hotels.

I’ve never gotten any incorrect information from MPT either


I did my BT reval at Delgado and Advanced FF reval at Rely on Nutec in late October and sent for my renewal. My renewal was just approved and mailed to me. So not sure whats going on with that email you received. They could have gottentheir wires crossed at the school maybe. Delgado is a little cheaper than RoN for the BT reval anyway…also Rely on Nutec is the old Falk Alfred schools

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