Bowditch Answers for Test Page Numbers

Mercator Sailing Problems Page 585/598-604

What are some other answers that can be found in BD 1981 for Nav problems 3rd mate?
NC or Oceans? I am just trying to familiarize myself with the book and looking for key pages for NC.

More over how much of navigation general can be found in BD? Is it a straight look up in the back of the book?

All of the formulas for sailings are in there. There are a lot of helpful tables for all sorts of things. And the glossary is helpful for Nav General.


That’s what i said in my post lol. Can you give a little more insight? Example would be for NC license you may want to to keep these pages in the front of your mind or when I took my nav general test I was able to look up X number of questions.

You can find X number of answers for navigational problems using these sources

Bowditch amplitude
Ho229 Az. Formula

So on and so on

Can’t help. It’s been at least 8 years since I cracked a copy of Bowditch.

You could try just studying yourself or paying for Lapware


You like taking courses at MPT. Just go take another one.

lol Tug Sailer.
Beer Captain I will be using lapware but I like to poke people for information

Look here you old fuckers. You need to start passing down your knowledge before you die.

Dude nobody remembers any of that shit. Learn it when you need it and dump it right after.

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Data dump as soon as the last test is over. Well, Can’t say I blame you. I data dump shit all the time when i take shit i know i will never use again

Lmao I’m one of the youngest ones on the forum.

The information is all out there and available just like all the NMC info you also ignored. We all did it ourselves, I’m sure you can handle it.

You’ll have Bowditch in the exam room.

It’s hard reading because it technical and it’s written in a very anachronistic style. It takes awhile to get comfortable with Bowditch.

Bowditch seems strange to young guys, but old guys like me learned trigonometry and physics using log and trig tables.

Just look up exam topics in Bowditch and learn how to solve the exam problems the Bowditch with the tables.

Or forget Bowditch and just learn which buttons to push on the calculator without knowing why.


I mean I can quote you the formula for amplitude to this day, and the formula for an azimuth is in the front of the 229, so you don’t need Bowditch for that.

But when’s the last time you did a Great Circle lat/long of the vertex problem by hand in real life? Or cared which of these currents is most like this other current? It’s in Bowditch. No need to keep that in your head.

For my original 500/1600 Oceans exam at REC Boston back in the nineties I completed all calculations without a calculator.
My license lapsed and I had to retake the complete exam back in 2006. (Flashing light about killed me! What a waste of humanity)
But getting back to my point, having been an instructor at NEMI years ago, I spent some time with the current instructor who instructed me on the use of a non programmable TI calculator.
Just memorize the button sequences for the numerous equations and move on with your day, don’t ask why, just memorize
Your answers will be more accurate and in line with the module choice of answers.,

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Always remember , page 435 will keep you alive.

Lapware is very good for many things but did not like how it presented sunrise/sunset. Lapware turned that into a few pages. Just do it as a mer-pass with UPS. Good bless Richard Plant but he made a few things way over complicated. Overall it was extremely helpful. Also I noticed when I was prepping that most of the academy guys used 229 for some things but I preferred using the bowditch formulas. They were just as right as I was but just a method that suited me.