The Sailings

Hey guys,

Ive been studying my transom off to get ready for the upgrade from NC to Oceans which entails a module on both ocean navigation and celestial nav. Feeling pretty good with celestial but I’m still a little put off by the sailings and I’m hoping somebody can help me out…

So it looks like I can use sight reduction tables to help me calculate great circle courses and traverse tables for any other sailing other than GC and composite. I’m studying up in the current Bowditch now. In everyone’s expirience, does Bowditch II (the version in the test room) have all of the formulas I’ll need or will I need to commit these to memory? I seem to recall seeing traverse tables in there on previous exams. Am I wrong?

Any other tips or words of advice for getting this section down pact will be greatly appreciated.


All of the sailings formulas are in bowditch II. It even gives examples. It’s basically plug and play. Good luck!

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In the testing room you should have the 1981 version of volume 2. This will have all necessary tables. In my opinion, the green books are far superior to today’s version of bowditch for serious navigational information, but that just may be my preference. If you are looking for a little more tutorial of a book to explain the processes to you I might suggest Dutton’s.

If you can understand celestial you should be able to work out the sailings.