Bouchard job posts in workboat

I get emails from workboat, and happened to see Bouchard advertising…never noticed them doing that before. They may be like every other company that advertises…when you call they say they have no openings. Even though I wasn’t reaping the benefits of the high wages in the offshore oil sector while that was happening, luckily I pulled a horseshoe out of my arse and got out of my little niche before it took a shite completely…
Best of luck to anyone out there looking…

They put up an add most fall’s before they get busy in winter. Usually deckhands, tankermen and asst engineers. They do have a few new boats coming out.

I hope you enjoy getting fired weekly.

[QUOTE=Bayrunner;175099]I hope you enjoy getting fired weekly.[/QUOTE]

But then one would be hired weekly! It always feels good to be hired :slight_smile: Morty just wants everyone happy, after he destroys your spirit!!!