Book needed - “The Art of Ship and Boat Handling”

Anyone have and is willing to give up a copy of “The Art of Ship and Boat Handling” by Robert D Moss. PM me. Thanks

not familiar with this title but there is a copy available on Amazon Canada here

Thanks. Tried that already and either because of the postal strikes or some bullshit scam the book hasn’t been delivered yet. won’t let me deliver to a U.S. address. Prolly end up scanning a copy from the library.

That’s easy. Just have it delivered to Letterlock 604-854-6933 in Abbotsford, BC, and they will forward it to you in the US. They send a courier everyday to their branch in Sumas, WA. This the Boxing Day holiday in Canada so they may not be open today

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BookGilt metasearch shows no listings for any vendor in the US, alas.


Still available.

Indeed. $525. Dang what a steal! I went the cheap way and borrowed it from the library. Scanned my own copy. Thanks though.

What makes it so pricey? Is it a good book?

It’s ok. Just rare. There are better books out there (Hooyer, Macelrevy, Rowe).