Ship Handling in Narrow Channels - Carlyle J. Plummer

Looking for a copy of “Ship Handling in Narrow Channels” by Carlyle J. Plummer.

It’s been out of print for a long time and the last copy I saw for sale was over $1,000. Hoping somebody might have one and want to get rid of it for significantly less than that? Thanks.

An excellent read. Not sure what happened to mine, but a friend attended the same course as I did back in the late 70’s. That book was required. It’s a huge longshot, but next time I talk to him I will ask. Otherwise good luck finding one. If you haven’t read it yet, you will enjoy it.

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There is one on Ebay, older hardbound edition. Guy is rather proud of it for $400.

Yea, that’s the problem. Supply and demand I suppose…