Blue and Gray Golf tour now taking registrations!

This is a seriously fun event.

The 2011 Heidmar Blue & Gray Golf Classics website,, is officially live and ready to take registrations for all 12 events. The Heidmar Blue & Gray Golf Classics, which is the nation’s leading authority in maritime golf events, benefits the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and its Department of Athletics. The tour saw over 1,200 golfers in 2010 and generated over $250,000 in net-proceeds. We invite you and your organization to participate in the 2011 tour and support our cause. Visit today and choose your experience!

In 2011, the tour will add four new courses to the lineup, including the South Course at the Resort at Pelican Hill for the L.A./Long Beach Blue & Gray Golf Classic to be held on Monday, November 14. The tour tees off on Thursday, March 10 with the return of Las Vegas Blue & Gray Golf Classic being held at the Royal Links Golf Club. Click here to view the 2011 Schedule.

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F__k that festering cesspool of corruption that sucks $100M a year of taxpayer’s money into its bottomless sinkhole. Kings Point was a good idea during WWII when merchant marine officers were needed in great number but the Federal Government has absolutely no business today funding a “military” academy which pretends to train merchant mariners. What they are today is a mini Annapolis run by ex Navy & Marine Corps retirees so they can get even fatter retirement bankroles and funnel hundreds of thousands if not millions of $$$ into the pockets of their cronies. WWII has been over for more than 65 years and KP cadets should pay to get their licenses like everyone else by going to a state school or working their way up from the fo’c’sle.

$100M divided by 200 graduates/year works out to $500k per KP cadet! I bet they don’t spend that much on each Naval Academy midshipman. Simply incredible and on top of all that KP’ers are lousy ship’s officers. End the travesty of obscene government waste and close Kings Point now!

anyway, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it…any of you God annointed KP’ers out there want a piece of me over this…BRING IT ON!


The Blue and Gray outings are a great time and awesome opportunity to meet fellow KPers and network. This picture was from the Tampa B&G in 2009… Look at those smiles! Well worth half a mil each!

On a side note: I guess we know one person who received a rejection letter from admissions in the mail.

But, either way, all are welcome to these events; and there will be plenty of mariners out there!
Even C.Captain can come! (He can be my caddie!) :cool:

Your math is off. The “per cadet” amount is divided by the total number of students, not just graduating seniors. At about 1,000 students that’s closer to 100K than 500K.

I was nominated by my congressman and senators, not announced by God but I suppose if I knew he could have gotten me into he school I would have applied to him too.

We certainly have our bad apples like every other school and the hawsepipe but I doubt you can realistically claim that KP has never produced one good officer.

I’m not going to try and refute your logic that there is no need for a Federally funded maritime school because frankly I agree with you, but closing won’t accomplish anything or save any money because 100 Million is pocket change to he government. That money would still get spent every year by DOT and MARAD.