Best Watch For Professional Mariners


Oh I’m not saying I need it. I’m saying I want it :smirk:


I get that. I’m trying to decide if I want it for reasons other other than just how the overall watch looks.


In the end, it’s a functional piece of jewelry so you have to be satisfied with how it looks and how well it keeps time. Extra features are just the icing on top in my opinion.




Thanks, last time (several years ago) they said that they no longer support this model.


Thanks, I will take a look but I have never used Ebay, I guess I’m still stuck in my old ways of wanting to touch something before I purchase it.


Ah. You can also try watch forums - is a pretty well known one. Somebody on there might have what you’re looking for.


I think I hate you


No room for personal appellations, it’s:

And is a standard 45 minutes in total.


Ok fine, but pre-break and “almost coffee” are not the same thing. The time of “almost coffee” varies according to task. For example if it’s 0948 and the mate tells the bos’n to wipe up a small oil spill in the locker, no problem. But if it’s 0948 and the mate wants to start a new big job involving reasigning the crew and issuing new tools then it’s too late, because it’s "almost coffee:.


lmfao, yes indeed.


Does anyone have first hand experience with Seiko dive watches? I’m curious if gCaptain could carry this model as well:

Seiko Prospex Padi Solar SNE435P1


This is where the analog watch comes in. If the bos’n tells the mate that it’s almost coffee and the mate a has gold Marinara Trench Odyssey 2001 UTC Atomic Automatic, 4 mhz, digital watch the mate is going to check his watch and see that its exactly 09:47:42, which, in digital terms, very clearly is NOT coffee. Might get ugly.

On the other hand if the mate is using a no name analog watch he got on sale at Walmart for eight bucks and can’t recall the last time he checked it against the GPS, than there’s parallax to consider, etc. In that case the mate can say something along the lines of, OK, fine bos’n, but we got work to do, after coffee we can’t be dicking the dog.


I just choked


I need to remember this phrase.


Yes, love Seiko. They are legitimate quality at a very good price. That said we will not be carrying the model you mentioned and the reason is that this particular model uses Seiko’s jewlery glass rather than the Saphire Crystal of it’s big brother watch (which we do carry).

Basically we only list stuff on the store which our editors all agree we’d use personally and I wouldn’t buy this watch myself. It’s too expensive to replace if you accidentally scratch the glass but not durable enough to resist scuff marks.


Gotcha. I didn’t notice the difference in glass material. I was trying to find one that has a metal band but I might need to do without that.


Ha ha. I like that a lot. Though I think I’m a little more fond of “Ok Bosun, sounds like we’re done working overtime for the voyage.” If you don’t want to work on straight time there is no need to do it on overtime. Then I’d go calibrate my analog watch on a time tick :sunglasses:


I must say that I’ve never once seen a watch and thought, wow, I gotta own that… never once until yesterday when I laid my eyes on this!

So, what I need from all of you is to visit the gCaptain shop and start loading up your carts. Also please ignore any discounts or coupon codes we may have sent you because I need to raise $23,000 pronto! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It seems like that watch would scratch within the first hour of owning it.