Best Watch For Professional Mariners


Are watches from gCaptain protected by a gCaptain warranty?




I’m an analog man. All I want is accurate time, second hand, and the date. Currently have a Victorinox Swiss Army. I like it. Titanium metal band. Lightweight. I do wish it had a light on it. The glowing hands don’t last long on the night watches but other than that I am happy.


Tritium lights (tiny phosphor-coated tubes containing tritium gas) don’t last like radium – they lose half their brightness in twelve years, half of what’s left in another twelve etc. That still beats everything else by a lot.


That’s a very nice watch…it would be great for gift-giving. I’ll stick with my Casio for now, but maybe treat myself.

The only thing I would have to change is the band- can’t really use fabrics on an ambulance. Hard to decontaminate. Also absorbs diesel fuel, etc




My phone can already manually set the time zone to any time zone on the planet. I can’t think of anything more I’d find useful to make an app for.


I had a $500 citizen eco drive, the glow was worthless.


I was thinking of something like a clock night button where it would jump ahead or behind by whatever increment your ship uses, 20 mins, 30 mins, whatever. It would also display UTC along with a few other time zones, such as home, the office, destination port, etc. When you manually change the time it changes everything, and for some reason manually changing the time zone wasn’t always working right on my phone. There are already apps out there that are close enough to what I had in mind that I never really pursued it.


For me analog is easier for a couple reasons, most practically it’s easier to advance or retard when changing time zones, on the Casio Ilimminator I used it required advancing 23 times to retard. It’s much quicker on a analog.

Also analog time makes more “sense” to me. Using digital is a bit like hearing a word you know in a foreign language, you know what it means but it takes a bit more cognitive effort to understand.

For example if I look at a digital watch and it says 9:48 is not as effortless as it is to look at a analog and see it about 10 till 10, or a time known aboard ships as “almost coffee”. It easier and more intuitive in my mind to convert the distance on the watch face to time.


Or as most of my SIU crew see it. Time for coffee :smiley:


On a Timex Ironman you have one button to advance and another button to retard. Far easier than any analog watch I’ve set as they all required you to spin the minute hand 360° to change the hour.


You clearly never sailed with Chinese crew, 10 to 10 they are already in the mess room for the 10:00 - 10:20 tea break, they won’t be out for another 40 minute.


I call it the break before the break.


This is a little off topic but thought I would ask. Does anyone know where I might be able to get replacement Links or even an entire bracelet for my Tag Heuer 1000 Series, reference 980.006N?

I’ve had to for years and can’t find the extra links that I know I had.

Thanks and this has been a great thread for a person like me as I definitely have a watch problem, I want to buy just about everyone that I see.


You might get lucky on Ebay. I’ve found some fairly hard to find items on that site over the years.


Have you tried asking Tag directly? They may still have older bracelets in stock.


I’m trying to figure out if there’s a practical use for the GMT function. I could see it being useful for a aircraft pilot but I’m not sure if ever use it on a ship.


I do quite a bit with GMT onboard. Mostly working out ETA’s while transiting half a dozen time zones but as far as the Omega goes, I like the aesthetics of the GMT model.


Yes, but multiple bridge electronics give time in UTC and I almost always know what ZD I’m in at the moment.

I would have to lose a feature I want to get a GMT model Luminox so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.