Best Maritime Job Sites

I’m looking to do a story on finding jobs in the maritime industry (especially but not limited to sailing jobs). What sites and resources do you all use to find jobs?? Which are the best?


John- I have been seeing a lot of posts on [](" title="rigzone jobs) You can upload your resume online and apply to jobs accordingly. They will even e-mail you when a new job posts in your determined field of interest. The best part is it is free.

I like the “career connection” section of most state academy sites and I also like… just type in “[chief mate](” title=“chief mate job search)” or something and leave the location blank.


TradeWinds has recently launched a new online jobs portal [

Currently specialising in shore based recruitment, TradeWindsJobs is an exiting development on TradeWinds’ industry leading newspaper jobs section. TradeWinds has already cemented itself as the industry leader for maritime recruitment with jobs pages in the paper each week attracting 7 pages of positions. The section has grown to this status due to the size and quality of our readership (we have over 8,100 fully paid subscrptions which equates to 48,000 readers based in all the world’s maritime centres) and the response we provide.

The development of our jobs site has meant that we can offer another media with extra functionality and increase our reach into other maritime sectors – our steadfast commitment is to be the consolidator of all maritime positions.

The site offers searches by location, jobtype, recruiter and a keyword search. There will also shortly be a job alerts service where candidates can register and receive daily updates on the latest positions that meet their search criteria. Access to the site is not restricted to subscribers of TradeWinds and the latest positions are also listed on the home page of TradeWinds news site [URL=" title="Tradewinds Maritime News] which is again open access.

For more information and to see the latest positions go to [URL=" title=“Trade Winds Jobs]](” title="Trade Winds Jobs)

Andy Read


Thanks Guys. One of the reasons I ask is that we just launched our [Maritime job board](" title="Maritime Job Board). It is still brand new but we are talking with a few companies in order who have been interested in this idea. It is not nearly as robust as rigzone OR tradewinds but that is part of my plan, hopefully it’ll work out.

I’ll leave this discussion open as I’d love to hear what other site you guys use.


The best site that I found is: This is a free site and you can post your resume. Employers listed DO call you also. My present employer found my resume on it and asked if I was looking for a new job. LMAO…

Happy Hunting,

Capt. Brian


One of the new ones that seems to be on the right track is and one that can be helpful is Careerbuilder.

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Here we go … a bunch of my collection… all seems to be in operational. <span style=“color: rgb(255, 0, 0);]</span><span style=“color: rgb(255, 0, 0);]<br><br><br><br><br><br><br></span><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>I will keep updating on my blog <a target=”_blank” href="]here

i’ve got an addition. Its a comprehensive page, actually lots of pages on offshore employment, with links. <br><a title=“Jobs Guide” href="]

donpedro is a very good tool, like it a lot!<br><br>have some more providers for this nice list:<br><br><A href="]<A href="]<A href="]</A></A><br></A><br><A href="]<br><br></A><A href="]</A><br>

<a title=“” style=“font-family: yui-tmp;” target="_blank" href=“]Kelly Sweeney’s in the game now: <a target=”_blank" href="]

hey everyone,<br><br>I don’t know when they got this back up and running but have you seen the new gCaptain Discoverer Page? Its got a great new Job list.<br><br>Go to the Discoverer Page and click on Jobs - it took a few secants to load but has a great list of jobs that just keep coming. <br><br>

[quote=argo;1373]i’ve got an addition. Its a comprehensive page, actually lots of pages on offshore employment, with links.
<a title=“Jobs Guide” href="][/quote]

You could try to start with this:

[quote=argo;1373]i’ve got an addition. Its a comprehensive page, actually lots of pages on offshore employment, with links.[/quote]</p><p> </p><p>I try to kae it like this:</p><p><a href="]