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Thought I’d gather all of the Maritime Employment Websites & Job Boards together in one place to better help shipmates who (like myself) are looking for work. Below is a list of the ones I’ve found, feel free to add any others you know of. I’ve tried to sort them the best I could.
All are free unless otherwise specified.

[U][B]Maritime Employment.com[/B][/U][B]-[/B] One of the better ones for US employment[U][B]
Maritime Jobs.com-
Offshore Workmates.com-
RigZone.com-[/B][/U] Lots of jobs, but do they hire?[U][B]
IDPOA-[/B][/U] Good source of DP Operators jobs. If you see ‘DP Trainee’ pop up, let me know.[B]Mariners Employment Guide-[/B] the GoogleBooks online version. Scrolling through will give you a few leads.
[B]Towmasters-[/B] Not a job board, but an awesome list of tug companies broken down geographically. [B]Faststream Recruitment-[/B] US & International

[U]Non-Maritime Job Search Sites. All are good for Mariners, just plug in words like ‘Deckhand’, ‘Captain’, ‘Tugboat’[/U][B]
[B]Louisiana Works Commission-[/B] Like anything put together by the govt, this one is 10 times more confusing than it needs to be, but doing a simple search on terms like ‘tugboat’ or ‘deckhand’ shortens the search.
[B]NOLA.com- [/B]As in 'New Orleans, LA. Good for Gulf stuff.

[U]US & International Jobs[/U] [B]Maritime Job Search.com- [/B]Seems sort of empty.
[B]RigIndex.com-[/B] ‘Global Source of Drilling Jobs’
[B] OilCareers.com-[/B] Oil Careers, worldwide[B]Jurnieks.com[/B]- International shipping jobs, wide range of stuff[B]Marine Recruitment[/B][B]- [/B]International marine jobs
[B]Maritime Connector-[/B] International with an emphasis on Croatian
[B]Oil-Offshore-Marine.com[/B]- Mostly European jobs
[B]Genesis Personnel[/B]- International with an emphasis on UK jobs

[U]Paysites[/U][B]OffshoreGuides,com[/B]- They charge $45 for 90 days of use, a small pittance if you get a job through them. Might be worth it. Anyone?[B]
FindAMariner.com- [/B] Another pay service, but they seem to have alot of jobs US & internationally for only $8-13/month. Again, anyone?

-Also, all of the Large Marine Academies (and some of the smaller ones like Mid-Atlantic) have job boards.
-Check out CraigsList ads (or even want ads) in cities like NOLA, Miami, Houston, etc.

I intentionally left out fake job boards put up by the Headhunters & bullshit sites like ‘WorkOnABoat.com’ and ‘AlaskanFishingJobs.com’.
I can’t 100% vouch for all of these sites, so if you got input or want to add one, feel free. Good hunting everyone. eThib

Good list but you’re forgetting the only job board anyone needs to visit:
http://gcaptain.com/jobs/ :slight_smile:

Thanks Thib and sorry John but i think I sense a little horn tootin. I have found many, many, jobs on these links that gcaptain had no idea of. I check gcaptain along with the others as part of my search but to say gcaptain is the only source is a little biased perhaps?

Don’t bother with Offshore Guides. Total waste of money. The jobs this guy lists are the same jobs you can find doing a decent internet search. He posts jobs and links to jobs that are ghost links or jobs that have long ago been filled. I made the mistake of paying for his website when i was desperate and i was sorely disappointed. I applied to every job link on that site and did not get a single reply from any employer.
He has no shortage of disclaimers to let you know that it is not his fault if no one gets back to you for your money invested.

I was diappointed i was dumb enough to spend the money on the web site and i voiced my opinions of their website on their little forum. The manager of the forum and also the site, berated me.

Very unprofessional. I think Capt. Ron must have dragged him out from under a barstool somewhere.

They have a money back gurantee but when you clicked on the link to try and get your money back you got redirected to the sign up page.

When i clicked on the link to try to get ahold of someone to get my money back i got redirected to the sign up page.

I made enough of a fuss on the forum and finally Ron himself called me and asked me if i wanted a refund. I said yes please. He refunded my money and i thanked him for his professionalism.

If i had it to do over again it wouldn’t be worth the hassel.

Thanks again to Thib for the excellent resources. Try them you won’t be disappointed.

I think John was being sarcastic, hence the smiley face next to the link.

Believe me when john starts toot’n his own horn it’s really hard to miss :wink:

gCaptain is certainly a resource, but there’s clearly no all encompassing resource out there where employers and recruiters advertise their jobs. As you might have noticed, the point of gCaptain’s job board is to give employers and recruiters a free and useful medium to advertise their jobs to our industry instead of this information being scattered all around the internet on a dozen different websites.

If your company is hiring, do everyone a favor and tell your HR folks to register on our “FreeBoard” and post the jobs for everyone to see. The only investment required is a little bit of time…

[QUOTE=OICUR12;44278]I check gcaptain along with the others as part of my search but to say gcaptain is the only source is a little biased perhaps?[/QUOTE]

What are you talking about? Everyone knows gCaptain IS THE ONLY job board on the internet. In fact, we practically coined the term. Why is this thread even still open??

Toot, toot

SeaJohunt.com - A dedicated online job advertising site for All types of marine jobs both ashore and at sea.
We are creating an ever-growing database of seafarers’ resumes looking for sea-going jobs.


[B] I come from Greece i’ m deck officer [/B][B]& [/B][B]i’ m[/B][B] interesting to be a sea pilot in US. Can anybody give some guidlines??? thank you all in advance![/B]

Mid-Atlantic holds free networking meetings every Thursday from 1-3. They even have excellent contacts with Military Sealift Command if your interested in working with MSC.


[B]Didn’t remember where the thread relating is, so i’ll post it here…[/B]
[B]How anything you’ve EVER said on the internet could be seen by employers as Feds approve firm that dishes dirt on applicants…[/B]

[B]Company keeps information on its records for SEVEN YEARS[/B]
[li][B]Uses special software to track down applicants’ online pseudonyms[/B][/li][li][B]Means social media postings will become regular part of job application process[/B][/li][li][B]Government rules company doesn’t breach regulations[/li][/B]
[/ul]<SCRIPT type=text/javascript src=“http://scripts.dailymail.co.uk/js/diggthis.js”></SCRIPT>

By Fiona Roberts
Last updated at 12:04 PM on 27th June 2011

<SCRIPT type=text/javascript>DM.has(‘shareLink’, ‘sociallinks’, {‘id’: ‘2008231’,‘eTitle’: ‘How+anything+you%27ve+EVER+said+on+the+internet+could+be+seen+by+employers+as’,‘eUrl’: ‘http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Fsciencetech%2Farticle-2008231%2FHow-youve-EVER-said-internet-seen-employers-government-approves-Social-Intelligence-Corp.html’,‘eShortUrl’: ‘http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2FlSgLpm’,‘eDesc’: ‘The+ruling%2C+by+the+Federal+Trade+Commission+in+Washington%2C+means+anything+you%27ve+ever+said+on+sites+including+Facebook%2C+Twitter+and+even+Craigslist+could+be+seen+by+your+would-be+employer.’});</SCRIPT>The Federal Trade Commission has approved a controversial firm which scours social media sites to check on job applicants.
It means anything you’ve ever said in public on sites including Facebook, Twitter and even Craigslist could be seen by your would-be employer.
The Washington-based commission has ruled the firm, Social Intelligence Corporation, complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act - even though it keeps the results of its searches on file for seven years.

Dishing the dirt: Social Intelligence Corporation performs background checks by scouring job applicants’ social media accounts

It raises the frightening prospect of any social media posting, even it’s years old or was meant as a joke, being used in background checks.
Applicants who use online pseudonyms aren’t safe, either - the firm uses special software to link those nicknames with real, offline names known to employers.


[li]Too big for Google? Rejected job applicant claims search engine discriminates against fat people[/li][li]The Kindle slayer? New ‘flipback’ book printed on wafer-thin Bible paper to take on high-tech competition[/li][/ul]

One applicant found himself out of the running for a job after being branded racist because he once joined a Facebook group called 'I shouldn’t have to press one for English. We are in the United States. Learn the language.'
Social Intelligence Corp scours everything from social networking sites, such as Facebook, to video and picture sharing websites as well as blogs and wikis.

Controversial: One applicant was turned down for a job after the firm discovered he had joined a group like this on Facebook and ruled he had ‘racist tendencies’

The company has defended its policy of keeping the searches on file, saying it’s for compliance reasons only.

The firm searches any information which is publicly available online. It includes:
[li]Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter;[/li][li]Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn;[/li]
[li]Video and photo-sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube;[/li][li]Commercial sites such as eBay and Craigslist;[/li][li]Blogs and ‘wikis’.[/li][/ul]

It says the negative findings are not re-used if a new employer runs a check on an applicant.
Its chief operating officer, Geoffrey Andrews, said: 'We are not… building a “database” on individuals that will be evaluated each time they apply for a job and potentially could be used adversely even if they have cleaned up their profiles.'
One of the reports, released to Forbes magazine, flagged an applicant for ‘demonstrating potentially violent behaviour’ because he’d posted a photograph of him holding a gun on his Facebook account.
Another was flagged for ‘illegal activity’ after putting an advert on Craigslist searching for the drug Oxycontin.
So far the company says it has found ‘negative’ online postings in up to 20 per cent of applicants it’s been asked to investigate.

Background checks: Max Drucker, the firm’s CEO, argues the firm 's methods are fairer than if employers simply Google candidates, which can be discriminatory

Social Intelligence Corp. was founded a year ago, and soon afterwards the Federal Trade Commission began investigating over fears it could be in breach of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

According to Social Intelligence Corporation’s chief operating officer:
[li]20 per cent of candidates don’t appear on the internet at all;[/li][li]60 per cent have a neutral or positive online ‘footprint’;[/li][li]Up to 20 per cent of candidates have something ‘negative’ about them on the internet, especially when the pool is younger;[/li][li]That figure falls to around five per cent for younger candidates.[/li][/ul]

But the government has now dropped its inquiry, ruling the company is within the rules as long as it lets applicants know whether they failed to get a job as a result of the report.
It also changed the wording on it permission form - which all applicants must sign before the checks are carried out - to make sure they know exactly what will be checked during the review.
Social Intelligence Corp says its reports are fairer than if employers simply Google candidates.
The reports only take into account ‘job-threatening’ characteristics - such as criminal activity - and does not include personal information, such as sexuality or religion, which an employee legally cannot see.

Applicants can also dispute the report’s findings, and the offending record will be deleted if it is found to be incorrect.
Mr Andrews told Forbes: ‘I like to think we are providing a service not just by screening for employers, but in helping to protect job applicants by creating a standard process for online background checks and a service that presents them with reports on negative material.’

I guess all the Obama jokes are gonna have to stop now. That really sucks. lol

Here is my email and their reply from that “social network reporting” company. It makes me all warm and fuzzy.

From: Jim Andrews
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 4:07 PM
To: -----
Subject: RE: Contact Sales Request


Thank you for contacting Social Intelligence. Unlike credit reports, we are not required or even able to provide reports unless an employer has previously ordered a report on the person inquiring as the criteria we look for is specifically defined by the employer. If a consumer does want to receive a copy of their report we must receive a request from the employer. This helps us protect consumers from having another individual attempt to get information on them.

Thank you,


-----Original Message-----
From: -----
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 4:00 PM
To: info@rivdata.com
Subject: Contact Sales Request

As an individual, how can I check my own report to verify the information you have collected is accurate? Am I permitted to order a report on myself? Am I entitled to a free report annually or am I required to pay for a report.


We are creating an ever-growing database of seafarers’ resumes looking for sea-going jobs.