Job Boards

Before posting this thread I searched gCaptain for a thread dedicated specifically to Job Boards :eek:. While I found lots of info on Job Boards they were pretty much intermingled throughout numerous threads.

Therefore…I thought I’d start a thread to list any info relating specifically to Job Boards. The following info might be helpful to all of us;

  • Name of boards that work and ones that don’t,
  • Keywords that work best with that particular board,
  • Any results related to a posting on a board,
  • Anything else that might help.

I dislike Job Boards (except gCaptain’s of course…:D) as much as the next guy but since they are a part of a job search we might as well help each other get better at using them. If I missed an existing thread well then I’ll just admit I’m embarrased in advance :o.


A few things I do-

1 gcaptain daily

3- craigslist in port cities (daily) Also check under “gigs” for short term assignments such as vessel repositioning.

4- usajobs

5- Rigzone

6- -email every company that hires the position you’re looking for- whether they are advertising or not. They may be hiring

You can also google the position you are looking for- then apply date parameters- such as within the last week.

If you need info on a company- try here, facebook, myspace, etc. And google works wonders.

A good way to find contacts within specific companies is to search for ""

Keywords-depends on what you’re looking for- I’m mainly looking for OS/AB/deckhand jobs so i search for, seaman, deckhand, etc.

I’ve found that that searching for “twic”, vessel", STCW also work especially well.

Use words tailored to the position which you seek-

Working in the gulf? search for “offshore” HUET" “SAFEGULF” "offshore"etc.

Cruise ships- “cruise” “SOLAS” “passenger” “pax” “embarkation”

Tugs- “barge” “tow” et.

Fishing “fishery” “processor” etc

Lastly- try variations and mis-spellings- IE some people spell twic “twix” , “deckhand”, or “deckhands” often results in no leads- while “deck hands” results in jobs.

Anthony - Current site is a simple job board, but we have a new site in development which will be a fully functioning employment portal and professional mariner directory.