Any Luck hiring thru

Has anyone found work here?

I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to admit on online job boards. The best is RigZone but it’s for offshore jobs only, second best is gCaptain’s Job board. The worst is I don’t have anything good to say about plus website is terrible, their jobs mediocre and you have to register to apply for any jobs (I’ve heard once you register you get put on a SPAM list). But I haven’t heard anything really bad about them.

[B]This site[/B] [B]is from “RigZone”.[/B]

[B]Good luck in search,[/B]

I’ve never received SPAM from from What I have received is email and even phone calls from Jim, the guy that runs the site when an employer has had a hot job to fill. Unfortunately for me, on each occasion I was either already working, not qualified or not interested. The one time I did accept a job, the deal fell through at the employer level. I have no negative experiences with them; it’s all free so why not use them…:cool:

I am working at the job that I currently have because the employer saw my resume on I have never recieved spam, and like Jeffrox I have recieved calls from the owner when a job has come up. I too was not able to take 2 of them because of timing issues. In my opinion you should feel free to post your resume there, and search it on a regular basis. You never know when the right job will come around. Good Luck.