Best job ever

A few weeks back we had a cool thread about worst jobs you have ever had. I forgot who posted about the sewage tanker that leaked into his room but it took the thread! So here lets talk about the opposite end of the spectrum and hear about your best job (shipping or non shipping) and why. Im going with the M/V indana harbor great lakes bulker. Great crew good pay lots of fun. The crew really made it tho!

My current job, I haven’t made this much money since I retired from porn.

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;106023]My current job, I haven’t made this much money since I retired from porn.[/QUOTE]

OMG! Are you “the” ex Karl Hungus, cable expert?


Man, you were awesome in your day…still got it all now that you’re old and shriveled?


Chief mate of a charter schooner. Money was crap but it was the most fun I’ve ever had. Not much of a “maritime industry” job but Hey, it was afloat and I enjoyed the heck out of it. That’s just my two cents worth…

That sounds cool.

Coolest- staging and support platform for Naval Special Warfare in the PI. Flew helo’s and UAV’s off the deck. Launched 11M RHIB’s with our cargo cranes. Swim call with stern ramp down and SEAL’s doing swan dives from way the hell up. Marine and NAVY aboard and our GYM was an entire cargo hold with nearly 100 pieces of equipment. Small arms shoots weekly and if you made the right friends you could shoot m240’s and 50’s if your timing was good. Port time in Subic Bay. Only draw backs where finding condoms in all the rolling stock and sometimes catching an a few sailors having their way with each other in an ambulance or on the foredeck.

Best- Fly fishing in Diego Garcia aboard the same ship for a couple years after they sent us packing form JSOTF-P.

Stunt/Safety/Camera boat operator in the movie business. Great food, lots of fine ladies, nice hotels, and when the final scene came we sometimes got to blow up the Boats!!! Then I sunk down into TV, three years blasting around for Don Johnson’s “Nash Bridges”… “Do a Drive By at 100 then take the boat home”. Nice way to commute.


I worked at an indoor gun range in the heart of Waikiki. I would of worked there for free.

Being a DP expert was my best non-marine job.

Geez…I’ve had either great jobs or shitty jobs in my 39 years going to sea.

A big part of my first couple of years in the early ‘70s was delivering workboats to Canada, North Sea, Med, Africa and South America. This was before I turned 18. I worked several jobs with the NUC and NELC carrying the DSVs TURTLE and SEA CLIFF on the West Coast. Later with the RUWS in Hawaii.

One of the most challenging and best paying jobs in the early ‘80s was the “SES” surface effect air cushion vessels. The oilfield went to shit about that time and the CG wound up with the boats.

Working with the right crew makes all the difference and can usually compensate for the downfalls of a job. On the flip side, the nicest vessel, or nearly any amount of money could keep me around if the crew were a miserable bunch.

After a few years in the GOM oilfield, switching to towing barges in the northeast is a dream job. Even time, decent pay, and an opportunity to see something different then fouchon.

Could not*

For me, Could. (for a while.)

When I had an opportunity to work on one of my companys MPSV’s I lasted 12 days vefore enough was enough. To bad too because the vessel was really something else.

It must be my current job. The wage is minimum, however, the crew and assognments are interesting, fun and I get a lot of knowledge.

The characters here are awesome, every day is a blast, even the bad ones.

I’ve done a heap of different stuff before, worked at a hotel as a jack-of-trades, manager of a store, manager of fridge and freeze department on the grocery store that sells most on square meter in the kingdom, garadge monkey, but nothing beats this :smiley:

My best job??..

The money shot guy.:wink:

My current position as the Chief Harbor Pilot at Kings Bay, GA.
I work with awesome Pilots, talented Tug Captains & crews.
Live in a great area with amazing friends.
Life is SOOOOOOO good!