Best Gigs?

So what do you guys think are the best gigs out there? Valdez run tanker? Cable layer? Anchorman’s [<span style="color: rgb(17, 17, 17);]<span style="font-size: 14px;]pirogue</span></span>](

The industry is SOOOO big, what interests/motivates you?
If I were a young guy starting over I’d be interested in rescue/salvage work or square rigged vessels(adventure), but that’s just me. Job security wasn’t a high priority back then.
What would you do for free? Find a way to get paid for doing THAT!

Harbor tugs!

Depends on what you like. The oilfield is a rat race, but I have always been partial to the large anchor vessels and the extensive boat handling associated with it. Not in the sense of what most poeple consider boat handling against enviromental conditions (wind and current) or making up to a single tow, but having a truly dynamic situation of load-sharing mooring catenaries between multiple vessels, including the MODU while trying to anchor him out in 10,000 feet of water. I’ve always like that and consider that my favorite gig, but the stupidity of dealing with things outside of just the boat handling gets old after a while.
If you like EASY, sitting in Guam, at the Navy base in MSC prepo squadron 3 (on the KR Wheeler) is as good as it gets. You can high tail it at 1700, go to town, watch a movie, go diving.Sundays are off, unless you are a junior officer and you will get duty every 3rd sunday. You have a CAC card with all of the exchange, commisary, and recreation previledges on base. I rented a 21’ Boston Whaler all day for 90 bucks, yes…90 bucks. That was for 10 hours. There is also some of the best diving in the world in Guam, and the vessel sails to Palau, Saipan, Korea, and Japan.
I worked harbor tugs as well and that is a great gig. If Chouest gets the GULF LNG contract in Pascagoula, MS…that might be my retirement job.

I’ve always wondered why Chouest pays their tug masters so much less than the OSV guys. Do you have an idea, Anchorman? I figured it was because you don’t need the 1600 ton Oceans for that gig. I was talking with ECO about a year ago about working their tugs in Sabine for Cheniere and Golden Pass and frankly I was surprised at the low pay they were offering compared to the OSVs and AHTS boats.

I think it’s just 450/day…the military tugs are even less than the LNG tugs, but if you live locally, and can go home every night, and get paid year round, that’s the trick. For instance, if Chouest does get a contract in Pascagoula there will be a Captain on one of the three boats that would manage the other two by coordinating crew changes and such. That individual would get a management bonus and could make upwards to $180,000/year when coupled with the $450/day, but to answer your question, Chouest will pay what they have to pay to attract good workers and that is done cheaper on vessels that only require a 200 ton captain. This is all just speculative.

how about captain on a boat that hasn’t moved in 13 years. It is in a pond along side the Red River. Has a COI that states "1 Lic. Capt."
I love it!!!

Sounds like an RRF ship!!

Casino vessel Rat, It is comming to an end 12/31/09 USCG is pulling the COI. It will be back to the oil field.