Best companys for actual stick time?

Any company’s out there actively training mates to run boats? It’s so hard to get opportunities to learn boat handling…I understand all these captains not wanting to train with all the liabilities these days. Any suggestions?

Moran, hands down the best company for this.

I highly doubt anyone will hire someone simply to train. There are exceptions to every rule, but don’t expect a company to hire you, train you then cut you loose with a boat.

Signet, particularly in Ingleside. I have seen several guys from Foss and other large tug companies go specifically for that reason. Pay was lower but you get stick time.

What kind of license do u have,500/1600 master / mate of towing??

Kirby has a steersman position as well. OK pay but its a training position.

1600t ocean master motv

Kirby offshore, Hornbeck.edison Choest all have training programs , ecspecially Edison Choest , they also have tugs