Berthing Barge on the Great Lakes

Good Morning GCaptain,

I am looking for a berthing barge available for charter on the Great Lakes. Does anyone have a company they recommend? Thank you.


berthing for how many PoB and for what time period? In USA or Canada?

I am looking for a minimum of 100 staterooms, in Canada. Start date is in May 18. Recurring contract.

May 18th! you should have been looking 6 months ago…

but if the term is long enough (6mo/yr?) then I would imagine there are owners of equipment in the US Gulf who would have a barge available they could quote. still 100 cabins is quite a few and I don’t know what regulations the Canada government has in place you would need to meet.

also, do you need deck space for equipment? a crane? specialized gangway? are four man rooms ok?

which brokers have you contacted? don’t want to call ones you have already spoken to?

lastly, do you have ready cash on hand with which to secure a charter? no one will talk unless you are bona fide and ready to move quickly with such a short time frame

there is this one which might work for you…I know the price is right and can just perhaps be delivered just in time but a decision would be needed quickly to deliver it to the Lakes from the GoM

I hope you would work through me, I have direct contact with the broker but please don’t waste anyone’s time unless you have the means to secure a barge if one is found for you

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