Before working offshore

Worked at Trinity Yachts as an outfitter

Do u know a company where I can get the proper training. And certification?

Certification for what?

Working on a rig or working a tugboat all I have is a twic card.


I will research if the resources where here sir thanks though.

The resources are here. Just look through maritime employment. I’m waiting for the others to chime in

Ok I will do thanks again.

Whatever information you cannot find on the above website Fullnelson, Google is your friend… Google is your friend…

I thought maybe u guys where helping people find jobs that’s all.

You need to apply to the NMC for a Merchant Mariner Credential. You’ll need a physical & a drug screen. Alot of hoops to jump thru before putting in your first application with a company, which is why we’re asking you to do a little research for yourself! I cant hardly count the times I’ve felt compassion for some poor “down on his luck” kid & the HOURS I’ve spent walking him thru the steps of getting “documented” & helped find employment, only to hear from him a couple weeks later: I’m sorry dude, this just aint for me! And the cold hard truth is, it aint for MOST PEOPLE!! So think long and hard about whether you really wanna do this or not. Or why spend all the time or money? One last thing, please dont think I’m trying to disrespect you or anything because I’m NOT, but man you are over 30 years old aren’t you??? How hard could it be for you to pick up the phone, call the Coast Guard & get em to send you a list of the things you need to do, INSTEAD of having someone guide you around by the hand… Have you even thought of that??

U right thanks man for the info.

Man this kind of stuff is really getting old…