Battery Powered Lawn Mowers and trimmers

Howdy all,

I’m in the market for an electric lawn mower and trimmer since my law is very small. Does anyone have any experience with these toys? Any recommendations on Makes and Models?

Thank you all for your time in responding to my post.



I’ve been using a EGO lawn mower for a couple years now. My lawn is 1/2 acre (about 2000 square meters) more or less. It can do the entire thing in one go but I usually do the back one day and the front the next.

I prefer it to using the gas mower. It’s nice not having to keep gas around or make runs to the gas station or having spill filling etc.

It’s no toy, does as good a job as the gas mower as far as I can tell.

This year I bought a EGO chain saw which also has the same advantages except keeping a mix around is even more of a pain.


I’ve had the EGO weed trimmer for a year now. I’ve always had problems with gas trimmers. This thing is a beast. Plenty of juice for front and back yard charging every third time I mow. I think you’ll love it and the easy string loader. When the gas blower goes out I’ll get the EGO.

I have a Craftsman and I love it. It does about a 1/4 acre on a half charge and the mower itself is lighter than a gas mower so much easier for my teenagers to handle. They say it’s light enough to hang on the wall but I haven’t tried it yet.

I’m no tree hugger and am a climate change denier but still very happy to have gone electric for my lawn mower.

Another shout for EGO lawnmowers. I got a deal with two batteries, and I can almost do 500m2 on the smaller one. Planning on getting more EGO tools.

I don’t know if Stihl chain saws, trimmers and brush cutters are available in the US. They now have a comprehensive range of battery powered equipment suitable for homeowners right through to contractors.
German made they are very reliable. My own are all gas powered and range from 10 to 20 years old. 3 chainsaws with bars from 16 to 42 inch, a pole pruner, trimmer and a powerful brush cutter.
The mid range 20" chainsaw has done countless hours and is on its third bar.
The battery powered ones available now are supposed to be just as reliable.

I’ve got an EGO “multi-head” unit with attachments for weed trimmer, hedge trimmer, and a pole saw. I’m very happy with them, only complaint is that I have to be careful with the weed trimmer as if if I get too close to the PVC panel fence I’ll tear a hole in it.

Stihl has a major presence here.

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Yes it does, and a major USA employer with excellent products. I own a few of thier tools, good stuff

i bought a electric (corded) stihl saw, i own 4 other gas saws but right after i bought the electric stihl ($500) the battery ones started flooding the market … i’m sold on them but as with all the battery stuff the replacement batteries cost so darn much it’s almost enough to get a guy to stick with corded or gas. nothing beats their convenience though.

I went with the Ryobi 40v Lawnmower. Wanted it now so I went to Home Depot. Paid $300.

Still In The market for A trimmer/weed whacked. Seems like those with the EGO have high praise for their equipment. I’d like to spend no more than $150.

I’m seeing a combo trimmer and blower for $150. black and decker, anyone use their equipment?

My yard is very small so I may be over thinking all of this but I still like to have quality products.