ATB Captain Pay Questions

How much is ATB Captain day rate on your employers biggest vessels?

Do you get paid full day on crew change day coming and going?

Crowley 750?
Crowley 650?
Kriby 4000 HP?
Kriby 6000 HP?

I’m trying to gauge who to work for as I climb the corporate ladder.

Thank you in advance.

Interesting topic, add Reinauer to your list, they have 21 ATBs. All Captains get the same pay regardless of vessel size or time in position.


I’m almost willing to bet vane is the lowest out of the bunch…but they got directtv and its time and a half if you work extra.

Add rose cay to the list too. Don’t they have some of the old Bouchard atbs?

You’ll make more on a wire boat at centerline. And you won’t get a full day for travel or you might depending on if they catch it. 900 plus for wire boats.

Does it change depending on where you work?

How much do Reinauer captains make/day?

When I left crowley a couple years ago it was like 800 maybe for 650 captain and 900 for 750.

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Centerline is paying $900 a day?


East coast wire boats . If you wanna deal with all the troubles

What do you mean “all the troubles”?

Just a guess, but I think they mean the difference between an ATB and towing with a wire boat.

I did all the troubles probably why I’m no longer there. I’m just surprised that they got the pay up that high. Figured they didn’t have it in them.

Probably referring to the crappy equipment and management?


I was afraid that he might be complaining about having to do some actual routine tugboat work: hipping up, making and breaking, and towing on the wire.

It sounds like Centerline is paying about $100 a day more on the East Coast than on the West Coast. What’s up with that?

I get the impression (I don’t have reliable recent reports) that Vane is probably the lowest paying company of some size in the West. I’ve also heard that Vane pays more in the West than in the East.

I think Centerline pays more than Vane in the West, but not much more.

Once I go back to work for the season I’ll be talking with guys on the boats and get a better sense of 2024 pay in the PNW and Alaska.

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No routine tugboat work is easy , two different companies they still call themselves OTB out west plus they get sea pay , went out west and work and boats crewed half centerline half OTB steady bitching and pay. No one wants to run the east coast wire boats so they are throwing money at guys to do it

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As they are hurting for people like everyone else, they’ve had to bump their pay up, but are still likely on the lower end compared with the other big companies. I’ve also heard they added a longevity bonus and are doing hiring bonuses for officers and tankermen.

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That must be fairly recent change.
The East coast, particularly NY harbor is not the best or easiest place to work out of and very busy almost always, probably more so since BTC went belly up.
I’d wager they have to pay a premium to attract and retain those who are willing to work there or have that experience and knowledge.
West coast with CLL is pretty gravy, for the most part particularly the cross harbor stuff in WA and SF, it’s hard on the Tankermen but pretty chill for the CE and Captains.

CLL is above Vane in pay, Vane is the lowest paying, besides maybe Dann in the oil transportation industry
But they have better boats and barges than Centerline.