Anyone work for MRG?

Hey guys! Id like to talk to some other marine resource group employees. Drop me a pm please

Does any body know any body that works for MRG?

Don’t know anything about their east coast ops but the west coast and PNW tugs seem to be modern equipment and well maintained.

I wanted to remain anonymous, but that’s not getting results.

I am currently working a startup project for MRG in Cook Inlet, AK. We are operating a 185’ OSV in service of a rig. This is seasonal up here so I’ll be with out work for the winter. I’d like to get the lowdown on other MRG vessels that might have need of an AB and most importantly I would like detailed information about the company’s benefits package. The only answers provided to me here are non-commital and thouroughly unencouraging. Any help would be appreciated.